Pocket Change Amusement has been in business since 2003, Tony Brewer, owner worked for Feimster Amusement for 25 Years prior to buying out the company and turning this business into Pocket Change Amusement. We have always been a family based business Jim Brewer, showroom manager is also the father to Tony Brewer. In 2003 Joey Brewer was our route manager until a tragic event happened to our family in 2011. Then Byron Pennell stepped in and joined our extended family as route manager. Gloria Austin previously worked with Feimster Amusement and came along with us to open Pocket Change Amusement and is still with us today as our secretary.  We have several other exended family members that make this show go round for example, Jim "Mr. Tech" he is the computer brains.

​                 Largest showroom in the area 3,000 square feet  of arcade                                               games, neons, pool tables, jukeboxes and much more. 
                     Customize Multicades for your business or personal home with
                        pictures or team logo almost anything you can come up with. 

                      We service all machines purchased from us.    

                       Free delivery within 25 miles of warehouse. 

                       Lay-a-way program offered   

                       Great prices and friendly faces!



         Tony Brewer is the owner and operatorof the business the man behind all the madness.  He has worked in vending 25 years prior to buying out Feimster Amusement and making the dream his own. He purchased the company in 2003 where he then named it Pocket Change Amusement. Each year it has slowly grown more and more. We have always been a family based business but employee many others that are just like family. Tony seems to simply have that family loving nature he loves everyone and treats them just like they are family. I've even talked with some of the customers that have the same comment. ​​
         He has worked hard for this business to become what it has thus far and still working hard each and every day at 60 years old.  He loves his family,  grandchildren and church family.    He will be the first to tell you he has been very blessed by God,  we can never lose faith.  Losing his son Joey was a tragedy that has been a void to our family but we still have a God that forgives us for our sins, and that lets him know that one day he will meet him again.   We still have to work hard each day and keep motivated to put one foot in front of  the other.   He gives all the glory to God. 


Pocket Change Amusement caters to individual buyers or your business.  

Coin Operated Machines - Video Games - Pool Tables - Pinballs -
Jukeboxes - Home Gameroom Sales & Supplies- Much Much More

2731 Amity Hill Rd 
Statesville, NC 28677